Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Countess

Your name may be common and trite
But you come to haunt me every night,
Buzzing in my ear
Without a trace of fear
And gently shove your needle-nose
Into my fingers and my toes
And suck on till I am bloodless.
You little miniature Countess,
Why, when your husband's deeds
Are so noble that he feeds
Only on the fruits of trees,
Do you puncture my arteries?
Generations of repellent,
Which were clearly meant
To wipe out your existence,
Have failed against your resistance.
And so, about you, I must say this thing:
You are responsible for inspiring
That real evil fella
Called Count Dracula.

1 comment:

  1. It should be! Today it is Bobby Pawar and JWT, tomorrow the bamboo will sail down the line! This country and its media have become a howling lynch mob. The firings and the outrage are a bit over the top in the country of the, "item number", far worse is on air, in print, in Bollywood, and on radio, as I write this! Conformism and hypocrisy kill thought, advertising after all is led by creative license and Berlusconi ran a nation! Ford has also been badly advised and its brand will remain as small car as Industrial Cheese in India.