Sunday, October 11, 2009


There's mush, there are rooms,
And there are mushrooms.
A sneaky whisper floats past
Questioning the moment that
Exists without shame or guilt.
Or even remorse. The reality,
the blur that pretends to be
sharp, and pregnant with
onboxious clarity is elusive.
Hey, it's there now,
hey, where the fuck has it gone, huh?
Never mind the truth,
never mind Amsterdam,
never mind the European Union.
Never mind the joy,
never mind the pain,
never mind the yin, the yang,
and whatever the Chinese say.
Let's instead head to Shanghai
to see what makes them tick,
beneath the cheap technology,
and the video and audio piracy.
Sow Lin Hoe, dear Sow Lin Hoe,
Are you a friend or a foe?

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